I think the man reason Roy Jones got messed up was going from Heavy Weight back down to Light Heavy weight in less than a year.


There is no one else left for him to fight after this. He does not have to fight pac man because Manny got knocked out in his previou fight and has too many losses and plus would not submit to a Olympic style drug test.


Who the hell has he dodged? That is worth fighting, this is boxing only top contenders get chance at belts, and Money has beating  21  current or former champs.  Roy Jones was one of the most overrated fighters in boxing history.


He is great athlete and talent but no sound boxng technique whatsoever.  Once he lost even the portion of  his physical capabilities his opponents took advantage. You can not put Floyd and Roy Jones in the same sentence.


I think the man reason Roy Jones got messed up was going from Heavy Weight back down to Light Heavy weight in less than a year. No matter what happpened to him when he fell off or why, there is nobody that would have beaten him in his prime. 




Wholesale Nike Green Bay Packers Jersey 52 Clay Matthews Drenched Limited Green Jersey


The picture shown looks like there is plenty of  field left on the hit.  I  did see the game  and seen a different angle. The hit was a  little late but Clay Matthews was of  his feet tak-ing the best angle he haded.


He hit below the neck and when  his could ‘eve ended Caps career are killed him.  He plays by the book. The book just KEEPS CHANGING ALL THE TIME. You want to see a cheep shot look at the lions hit on Sullivan. I dont like Clay Matthews are RODGERS.


They are one of the best at what they do. And they do not  need to to cheat or take cheap shots. I hate saying this but that’s just the way I see it.   And to you cheese sonme out there. I say we trade Ponder for Rodgers and Clay Matthews WITH YOUR NEXT FIRST ROUND PICKS FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS .



The Cincinnati Bengal did well in the pre-season this year


The Cincinnati Bengal did well in the pre-season this year, perhaps reality HBO hit Hard Knocks, predicting the effect of Cincinnati Bengal will have nine victories this season, but it will miss the playoffs.


It can not walk very far even into the playoffs. Next is the Cleveland browns, as the preseason 3-1record is vry active encouragement, but in the game againstthe Miami dolphins quarter back Brandon Weeden of  Cleveland browns being lost hope again from 3 times and then after stolen.


Thenew coach Rob Chudzinski should make the Cleveland browns to win themore games than last year, Running back Trent Richardson of the highest; Ray Horton is also a good defensive coordinator.  In spite of  this, there has one thing can’t be confused, the Cleveland browns’ 14 times of phase three attack only one successful transformation, Cleveland browns’ week partition is killed 6 times by Brandon Weeden.




NFL is going overboard with several rules


The NFL doesn’t care about player safety; they care about lawsuits just like every other business.And safety is not the concern, liability is. People need to quit putting high priest of the National felons’ league on a cloud.


They are just a bunch of  rich people making more money. They really don’t care about players or fans. The rule or no rule,an uncovered knee brace does give the defense a good target to hammer during  tackle.With it covered, defenders might forget which knee it is.




The multitudinous questions for Running back Willis McGahee of the New York Giants


Willis McGahee will be 32 years old next month; he was dismissed by the Denver broncos in June this year. Willis McGahee had suffered the serious knee injury last season, although he did not attend the volunteer training camp of Denver broncos’ offseason,   Willis McGahee bush insists there was nothing wrong with his health when dismissed.


For the 10 games of the Denver broncos last season, Willis McGahee rushed the ball 731 yards and four touchdowns. He has twice been selected professional bowl, and rushed the ball 8097 yards; there are 63 touchdowns in nine years of NFL career.  




Note before opening, Is the Last Battle for Rex Ryan of New York Jets


The New York jets at the metropolitan stadium waiting for the challenges of the Tampa bay buccaneers, if  New York jets has not be ready, so New York Jets in addition to bad there is  no other word can describe.  The New York jets’ new manager John Idzik ready to re-build  and  Angle off

the team’s best player star, Cornerback Darrelle Revis was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Rookie quarterback Geno Smith plays Mark Sanchez when he hasn’t prepared to start in advance, because he had been injured. Now look, the New York jets let Rex Ryan into the  more embarrassed situation, maybe it will change,  if  there is no change for the better, as theGeno Smith’s performance has been questioned,   New York jets again continue to lose; Rex Ryan can keep his job.



American football has some weird rules


American football has some weird rules. In most sports the one who scores is the most valuable player.  In American football the guy who threw the ball to the guy who scored is the most valuable.


In global sports like football and basket ball it’s difficult to imagine how the one who scores the most points or  goals would not be the most valuable.


Assisting that player makes you a great at assisting, but not the most valuable. And after watch-ing the game last night I can now say I will never watch another NFL game again. Not because of game itself, but because there were  many freaking breaks that it takes the excitement out of the game.



The Dallas cowboys of wage structure analysis, Salary cap has been overrun, the boss is completely exhausted


The next season will be last year for contract to Centerline of the Dallas cowboys Sean Lee,  after the end of seasons, the Dallas Cowboys may negotiations with Sean Lee that become unrestricted free agent.


Sean Lee’s basic wage is 630000 for the 2013 season; the impact of the salary cap is 930000. His outstanding ability with such a  low salary let him become the one of  the few players with super performance in league.  Now Sean Lee came out from a toe injury, he will be perfect practitioner undoubtedly with his excellent defensive and the passing ability.




The New Orleans saints to restructure the contractc


Under the salary cap pressure, New Orleans saints cut out of  the Tight End David Thomas.  And restructuring of the contract for Brodrick Bunkley,  Ben Grubbs,  Jahri Evans, Marques Colston,  Will Smith,  Jonathan Vilma, the David Hawthorne, Curtis Lofton, Roman Harper.


Now the New Orleans saints’  defense  group play-ing 3-4 defense, and this year Will Smith already be 32  years old, he may find they no more dominant,more and more things are no longer controlled by you.  Will Smith was adjusted to the location of  the perimeter guards now, although his basic wage is 3 million this season, but in terms of impact quarterback, Will Smith can play out their own power.



Dan Hanzus said The Green Bay packers of Running back Eddie Lacy and The Arizona cardinals of Cornerback/safeties Tyrann Mathieu


In the second round was picked,  injured Eddie Lacy to some extent, the University of Star’s Self-esteem. Eddie Lacy has the ability to carry Green Bay packers ground offensive, believe the quarterback Rogers will attack of

the Green bay packers to do in perfect order. 


The Run-ning back DuJuan Harris for the season with a knee injury, Eddie Lacy will hold up Green Bay packers’ ground offensive. With Rogers packers is advocating passing offensive team,  but Eddie Lacy rushed the ball

also plays a very important role.


Defensive rookie this year,  my favorite Cornerback of Arizona cardinals is Tyrann Mathieu; the mighty Tyrann Mathieu is 2013 elective conference in one of the most neglected rookie. The Tyrann Mathieu will be more this season in the security guard position; aggressive defense

let him there is often the result of the match performance.