Paul George in May 29 showed he knew would be fined finally.

After losing the fourth game to Heat in May 27,Paul George criticised the referee in the news meeting in publicty,showed Heat won the game just because fine balls too mang.Second day,he was fined by league because of criticising referee.

“At that time I know I will be fined,but I just want to say my heart words out,while that is may feeling that time.”George showed. 

In that game,Heat soul time less than Pacers,fine balls more 17times.

Hiebert:Play aggressive and join more attacks

Beijing time May 29,the Pacers will be in a challenge game in the home field.Last game did not get a score Hiebert showed,he will play aggressive,and join more attacks.  

“Tonight I must try to join in the game,”Hiebert said before the game,”in the both sides play aggressive,more to become a strength of attacking.” 

Pacers coach Vogel showed,when come true balance,team can show the strongest strength. 

Vogel also showed,team tonight aviod a key point is mistake let rival get score.

Wade talked some NBA Game:I am very cheap

Beijing time May 29,recently the internet prevalent a “fifteen dollars create NBA the strongest team” game.The meaning is give proce to the history outstanding players,and then give you 15 dollars,let you choose a series of your team.  

In the game,every place has five players,the price from high to low,5 to 1.Such as in the place of guarding,Jordan is five dollars,Kobe is 4 dollars,Wade is one dollar. 

Today before to the Pacers game,Wade also pay attention to the game. 

“Why I am worth one dollar,then I see some players in the list,”Wade said,”Hey,you can use a low price get me.”


The Grizzlies signed a new contract with manager Joe Erg formly

Memphis Grizzlies announced offically today,with coach Joe Erg signed the contract statement. 

Grizzlies boss Pella said:”in a opening talking,we reached  a consensus.Dave and the Grizzlies are trust each other.” 

Before it,Joe had two times interview in Timberwolves,but the both sides did not agree on compensation finally,Joe decided to stay in Grizzlies.  

Grizzlies has not published the specific renewal  terms,but there was news said,team executed the team choosing.and improve the basis of salary,added a 2017-18 season game team options.This Joe at least has three years safeguard contract.

Lakers has already interviewed Kurt Rambis ?


According to <Los Angeles Times> journalist Mike Bresnahan disclose,they knew,Lakers has interviewed Kurt Rambis,so seach for the possibility to let latter be team coach.  

What’s more,Lakers on beijing time May 29 interview Clippers assisitant Terry Irwin – Gold, Rambis teached 201 games in NBA,the total score is 56 wins 145 loses.  

Cowboy star line injured in training The team worries about it is a devastating injury

According to news man,Dallas Cowboys warried the star Sean Lee injured his left knee.In April 2008 at Pennsylvania state university Lee had before the right knee cruciate ligament tear on, after the 2009 season has partially tore his cruciate ligament in his left knee.   

In the Tuesday training Lee was run down by rookie Zach – Martin,and then with the help of trainer he come back to the wear room.      

Last season due to injury Lee absent five games.April rest time he just recovered in the injury. Last summer Cowboys signed a contract six years Us $51 million with Lee,if Lee played times to 80%,he can get remaining $9 million.    

Lee is important for Cowboys guard team.2011 season despite a wrist injury, he is still in the team tackled first, a list of the 2012 season, although only participated in the six games he has 77 times grappling tied for the team. 4 he has four steals last season the team ranked first.

Goran Dragic confirmed would take part in this summer World Cup

Suns PG Goran Dragic announced a statement,in the statement Goran Dragic showed,he will stand for SLOVENIA NATIONAL TEAM join in the Spain Basketball World Cup.

Phoenix’s the year to me is a very difficult year,in body or in mentally,I was forced to stop the game because of ankle injury.”Dragic showed in the statement.   

Dragic disclosed,when beginging,he wanted to recover well,and company family,but after a month rest,he got the energy,he showed become relax.  “Through the lastest checking,the result showed I can catch up with the World cup with a perfect body.”Dragic said. Dragic showed,can stand for Slovenia’s national team fight for World Cup is an honor.   

2013-14 season game,Dragic got NBA the fastest improved praise.

Mo :I and Daniels had no problem it’s a strategy

In this year west playoffs that Blazer to Rockets,Blazer’s player Mo Williams once had a quarrel with Rockets rookie Troy Daniels.Williams showed Daniels knew what he did,but Daniels showed he did not know the detail.

While in the CSNNW interview,Williams talked about the thing. 

“My idea is let hin get more attention.”Williams said.”I let journalist asked him about my question,some question irelevant to basketball game.And then his friend,mother,sister and all people would call him,asked him what happened,if we have problem.I fact we do not have problem,it’s a strategy.” 

Daniels in the third game shot a key three point,in the fourth got 17 scores.So Williams began to say rubbish words to him.

Kevin Durant:We want to accept challenge and this is the best challenge

When Thunder team’s Kevin Durant was asked about if he played for honor in the third west finals.For this,Durant denied it,but could be seen from his words,they brought this state to play balls.

“We just want to win,guys,”Durant said,”What we think is win balls,one and one.”  

Durant showed,everyone are laughing them,say they abandon game,say they will lose,will be swept out,they want to bring these to play games.  

“We remember these in heart,I can not say the series game is over because of we win a game,but we must bring much honors to play balls.We want to accept challenge,this is the best challenge we face,so we must face it.”Durant said.

Pirates all-star defensive cut back recognized by a new coach Negotiations have begun

The new home coach Lowe Smith thought guard defensive Gerald McCoy is the worthest player in Tampa Bay Buccaneers.Worked in two months,Smith said the first consideration thing is to sign a new contract with the member in the 2013 NFL best team.

According to Times of Tampa, rick stroud reported,the team has began to have a negotiation with McCaughey.McCaughey will come to the last year in his Rookie contract,the year his salary is about  Us $15 million.The new contract may be low this season game salary cap down.

If MaCaughey waits  Edna’s hole – Sue to sign up again after the renewal of lions,this will be a funny thing.The two people and  Gino – Atkins are regarded as the standers of Technical defense cut back in the league.  

McCoy was named to the all-star cast  in the past two season games.